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Australia has a lot of Christian Churches and a lot of Christian denominations, or types of Christian Churches. Below is a list of just some of the denominations. 

Anglican Church of Australia
Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship
Associated Christian Assemblies International
Associated Mission Churches
Baptist Bible Fellowship
Baptist Church
Christian & Missionary Alliance
Christian Reformed Churches of Australia
Christian Brethren (NSW)
Churches of Christ (Australian)
Church of the Nazarene
Church of Tonga in Australia
Congregational Christian Church in Samoa
Crosslink Christian Network
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Federation of Reformed Christian Churches
Fellowship of Congregational Churches
Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
Free Reformed Church of Australia
Grace Communion International congregations
Hungarian Reformed Church of Australia
Independent Baptist Fellowship
International Church of Christ
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA)
Open Brethren
Presbyterian Church of Australia
Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
Presbyterian Reformed Church
Presbyterian and Reformed
Religious Society of Friends
Salvation Army
Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Strict and Particular Baptist Churches
True Jesus Church (TJC)
United Aborigines Mission
United Church of God Australia (UCG)
Uniting Church in Australia
Uniting Church Australia
Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Connexion
Wesleyan Methodist Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church

Anglican Catholic Church
Ancient Church of the east
Apostolic Catholic Assyria Church of the East
Liberal Catholic Church
Maronite Catholic Church of Australia
Roman Catholic

Abundant Life Fellowship International
Armenian Apostolic Church
AOG / Assemblies of God
Apostolic Church
Bethesda Movement
Centrepoint Church
Christian Churches of God
Christian City Church
Christian Life Churches International
Christian Outreach Centre
Churches of God, Oceania Region
Church of the Four Square Gospel
Calvary Chapels
Calvary Life Assemblies
Christian Revival Crusade
Four Square Gospel Church
Full Gospel Churches of Australia
Kingdom City
Life Ministry Centre
New Life Churches
New Testament Church of God
Potters House Christian Fellowship
Reach Out for Christ
Revival Centres International
Revival Fellowship
Rhema Australia

Antiochian Orthodox
Autocephalic Greek Orthodox
Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox
English Orthodox (Coptic)
Free Serbian Orthodox Church
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
Coptic Orthodox Church
Macedonian-Bulgarian Easter Orthodox Church
Macedonian Orthodox Church
Romanian Orthodox
Russian Orthodox Church
Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch
Ukrainian Orthodox Church Autocephalic

Many would rightly argue that some denominations are not Christian, because they do not hold to the biblical “fundamentals of faith”. This directory is not here to debate or judge each denomination or their individual doctrines. This Church Directory is here, as a place for all Churches that call themselves “Christian” to list their church.